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Shifting into gear

As this blog pulls away from the curb, finds first and heads down the road, let me give you some idea where we’re headed. An interest in cars, driving and racing has been with me for as long as I can remember. Of course, the interest in driving really began when I was 16 and finally had the chance to take the wheel of my father’s Pontiac Le Mans (six cylinders, four doors, two-tone green). Around the same time, I began to read Car and Driver and that helped cement my car enthusiasm. I’d always been an avid reader and coming across something that allowed me to combine an appreciation for a sharp turn of phrase and the ability to stay in control during a sharp turn helped lead me, with a few detours, to this blog. Along the way I became a journalist and I now work for Marketing Magazine in Toronto. I’ve also written for the National Post, Canadian Business and Motion magazine, among others. Plus, I’m the author of Never Too Fast: The Paul Tracy story, published by ECW Press in 2001. For the past few years I’ve written about automotive marketing, auto racing and racing drivers and people who work in the automotive business and in the business of motorsports. While I will continue to do that in print, I’ll also be writing in this blog about the same subjects, and throwing in more of my personal feelings and musings on all things car-related, just to add some fuel to the combustion. Hopefully it’ll be a long drive.


About Paul Ferriss

Paul Ferriss is a writer and editor based in Toronto, Canada. He is editor of CAA Magazine (published for the Canadian Automobile Association by Totem Content a custom content agency.) He's also Totem's director of editorial and creative. Previously he was executive editor at Marketing, a magazine covering advertising, media and marketing, where he also covered automotive marketing and managed an editorial team. He also works as a freelance writer and has written for a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites including The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, National Post and Canadian Business. He's the author of Never Too Fast: The Paul Tracy Story.


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