A funny thing happened on the way to…

work this morning. I parked the Dodge Charger R/T I’ve been driving this week (illegally) so I could dash to the ATM. I came out to see two police officers checking out the car. One asked if it was mine. Prepared for a lecture and/or a ticket, I said yes. “Just so you know, if you park here again at this time, it’ll be towed. It’s a new car. I don’t think you want it towed.” I apologized, thanked him and went to jump into the driver’s seat when the other cop asked “How do you like it?” I told him it handled well and had plenty of power. “Look, it’s got a hemi,” the other said. “Is it fast?” Definitely, I said. “Show us how fast,” the second cop said, with a laugh. Someone call Dodge’s ad agency. I think I have an idea for a new TV spot.

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