Jacques and the Blue Oval

I attended the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal last weekend. Although it’s understandable why some people dismiss Formula 1 as a boring spectacle created to keep wealthy people busy, it’s still incredible to see Formula 1 cars rip away from the starting line (with the exception of David Coulthard’s Red Bull car which started, stopped and started again) and to see them scream down the main straightaway. They can be vicious, angry machines.
Hometown favourite Jacques Villeneuve disappointed fans, his team and himself, I expect, by crashing after heading into the marbles with 11 laps to go. He had been driving like the 1997 world champ that he is until that point.

Honesty (I hope) meets marketing in a new campaign from Ford. Check out for an interesting, apparently inside look at what Ford is doing to turn the company around. The first video makes for some compelling viewing. Hopefully the turnaround is as convincing as some of the people who appear in the video.

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