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Globe Drive story on La Carrera Panamericana

7 days, 100 cars, 3,000 km, one crazy race Most people travel to Mexico to soak up the sun and enjoy some fruity umbrella drinks at an all-inclusive resort. A few others, though, come for the treacherous roads, day after day of high-speed driving followed by intense fatigue and, sometimes, the odd broken bone. And, … Continue reading

Volt, Sonic star in Detroit

Some early news from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit: The Chevrolet Sonic made its debut and, to no one’s surprise, the Chevrolet Volt is the North American Car of the Year. And, the newly revamped Explorer is the truck of the year.

Chrysler strategy: Separate its brands | detnews.com | The Detroit News

Interesting move from Chrysler, which is creating a distinct brand identity for Dodge and Chrysler, with an eye to international sales through Fiat’s Lancia brand. While it now has four brands, like GM, it’s working hard to clearly mark Dodge as a performance brand. GM, however killed Pontiac, its performance brand, in favour of sprinkling … Continue reading

Consumer Reports Cars Blog: Nissan releases Leaf specs, leads the NYC Marathon

Nissan releases some Leaf specs: Consumer Reports Cars Blog: Nissan releases Leaf specs, leads the NYC Marathon.

Utilities prep to power plug-ins

An interesting piece on how the U.S. is getting ready for electric cars: Utilities prep to power plug-ins | detnews.com | The Detroit News.

A shot of summer

This just in…

My latest story on the Canadian Touring Car Championship is in The Globe and Mail‘s Globe Drive section. The series is at the half-way mark and is a supporting event at this weekend’s Honda Indy Toronto.

All aboard the ‘road train’

A new European Union research project is giving new meaning to the term tailgating. The SARTRE project is looking into what it dubs “road trains” or highway “platoons” – essentially groups of cars all heading to a common destination led by a vehicle driven by a professional driver with all the cars in the train … Continue reading

Bankruptcy for Chrysler?

The New York Times is reporting that the U.S. treasury department has begun the bankruptcy process for Chrysler. Workers could be protected and Fiat is still involved.

The Crowd-ed Car

Social Media Today reports that the Dutch Society for Nature and Environment, is thinking hard about the future of cars, and the car of the future. It, along with several technical universities, is asking people to contribute their ideas of what tomorrow’s cars should do, be and look like. It’s social media and crowdsourcing combined … Continue reading