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Jacques and the Blue Oval

I attended the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal last weekend. Although it’s understandable why some people dismiss Formula 1 as a boring spectacle created to keep wealthy people busy, it’s still incredible to see Formula 1 cars rip away from the starting line (with the exception of David Coulthard’s Red Bull car which started, stopped … Continue reading

Boardroom racers

Check out my “Boardroom racers” story in the May 12 National Post and at CanWest’s automotive site driving.ca. I interviewed CEOs and racers Greg Wilkins of Barrick Gold, Alek Krstajic of Bell Vanguard and Emmanuel Anassis of DAC Aviation.

Mergers and more

It looks like Champ Car and the IRL are finally sitting down to talk mergers. Both series have struggled apart for too long, and who knows, they might still struggle again as single entity. NASCAR‘s success has turned the battle for sponsorship into an out-and-out war. Can Champ Car/IRL enter the fray and maybe win … Continue reading

Been caught speeding

It happened last week, on the way to work. I, so I was told by the good officer, was travelling 55 km/h in a 40 km/h zone. That’ll cost me $56. Up until last Monday, I didn’t realize that a radar gun could pick up my car from about two and a half blocks away. … Continue reading

Civility on wheels?

The war between cyclists and drivers is heating up, if you believe the media coverage of the ignorant, littering driver and the self-righteous cyclist. In case you haven’t heard – or seen the photos of the scuffle posted on Web – in Toronto recently, a driver in Kensington Market tossed some garbage out of his … Continue reading

A funny thing happened on the way to…

work this morning. I parked the Dodge Charger R/T I’ve been driving this week (illegally) so I could dash to the ATM. I came out to see two police officers checking out the car. One asked if it was mine. Prepared for a lecture and/or a ticket, I said yes. “Just so you know, if … Continue reading

The fighting family

Car companies were making news today, but not for their products – for their advertising. First it was DaimlerChrysler Canada and its announcement of its “You can be a millionaire” promotion. It works like this: Buy or lease a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep until Jan. 3 and you can win $1 million. Unlike Wendy’s similar … Continue reading

Born to drive

A green Mustang showed up on a my street recently; a welcome break from the Honda CRVs, Nissan Pathfinder, Ford Escape, and Toyota Matrix that are anchored next to the curb regularly. The 1966 Mustang belongs to my neighbour and it originally was owned by his grandfather. It appears to be in pretty good, but … Continue reading

Environmental drivers

With much of the country experiencing higher than usual gas prices and auto and business pundits alike predicting the death of SUVs, the focus is again on cars and their effects on the environment. Some people predict drivers’ environmental consciences will kick in and we’ll see a return to car-pooling while others expect more of … Continue reading

A Magnum in Calgary

On a recent trip west, I was able to spend a week driving a Dodge Magnum AWD in and around Calgary. I’d been intrigued by the Magnum since it debuted, mostly because it was an attempt to combine the functionality of a station wagon (just try to get any auto executive to utter those two … Continue reading